About this blog !


I am an Indian living in Switzerland. I was born in 1983 and hence am 29 years old today (Mar 14, 2013).

I started investing in the beginning of 2010. Slowly I realised that I can increase my savings rate and under reasonable circumstances I might look for retirement before 60 !

This was quite exhilarating for me and soon I started reading books on investing, behavioural investing, psychology and now economics. It has been a very engrossing experience and I feel that I should write to keep a record of what I am thinking and what I am buying.

In the last 3 years my portfolio went through major changes. I made some very enlightening mistakes in the beginning which ended up costing 10% of my portfolio but I have fully recovered.

My investing philosophy is simple: find companies which offer you a large margin of safety where the market is blinded by short term problems.

My major positions are in: Dell, Roche Holding, ArcelorMittal, ABB, Vodafone, Tesco etc.

You can contact me via this blog.


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