Monthly update: Jan 2013

I made the following transactions.

SLD Dell 18Jan14 $10 Call 100@$1.93  = $85.87
 BUY Dell 18Jan14 $10 Put 100@$0.46 = $152.87
 SLD HPQ 18Jan14 $18 Call 200@1.49 = $213.58
 EXP MT 19Jan13 $14 put = $198.38
 PROFIT = $650.76

I received the following dividends.

HPQ = $22.44
 DELL = $40
 Tax = -$9.37
 Dividend = $53.07

Following were the expense in my account

IB Fee = $16.28
 Interest Paid = $35.42
 CFD Fee = $4.71
 TOTAL = $56.41
Total profit = $650.76+$53.07-$56.41=$647.42

I made very small changes in my portfolio. In particular, I decreased my exposure to both HPQ and Dell because I bought these options to sell when the stocks recover a bit. This was a short term position to profit from Mr. Markets mood swings. It rewarded me handsomely. Another reason was to decrease some of my risks in holding these positions. I wanted to be in a position to add more if the stocks start dropping again.


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