Monthly update: Mar 2013

This month was marked by a significant increase in the value of my portfolio. The reasons were twofold – a) I put in an additional Sfr 20,121 in my account, and b) the market continued to climb up; pulling my portfolio along.

Dell as well as HP kept their upward march – I hold significant positions in both. Meanwhile, ArcelorMittal, France Telecom, E.On, Banco Santander, Alcoa and CAF gave me opportunities to add to my position. I also sold a put option on National Oilwell Varco (NOV). I am willing to pay $60 or less for the shares but not more. As the stock remains nearly 10% above my buy price – I will wait it out.

Here is the list of trades I made.

CAF.MC +3@€293
FTE +60@$10.02
MT +100@$13.61, 50@$12.99
SAN +48@$6.61
E.On +50@€12.725
AA 17Jan15 $5 Call +2@$3.75
MT 17Jan15 $8 Call +1@$6.45, +1@$5.75
MT 18Jan14 $15 Put -1@$3
MT 17Jan14 $13 Put -1@$2.44
NOV 17Jan15 $57.5 Put -1@$7.35

AMAT 18JAN14 10.0 Call Sold 3 at a profit of $744.84
HPQ 18JAN14 10.0 Call Sold 1 at a profit of $277.85

All in all – I took quite a few long positions. Given that the market is climbing new peaks every few days; I am surprised at my activity. I take heart in the fact that the stocks I am buying are selling for their multi-year lows.

Dividend = Sfr 183.75 (Roche) + $11.25 (INTC) + $5 (BAC) = $209.51
Witholding tax = $70.22
Transaction tax = $1.2
Fee = $10 +$5 (CFD)
Interest paid = $31.53
Realised profit = $1022.69

Profit = 1022.69-47.73 (charges)+139.39 (dividend) = $1,114.55

I have updated my performance page.


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