Monthly update: June 2013

I am concentrating a lot on work. So, I did not get to do much research.

Gold collapsed and the interest rates rose during the month. The equity market also saw a lot of volatility following the comments from FED that they will ease out of “quantitative easing” soon. The change in the tone of the financial press and the market commentators was immediate. They went from “follow the trend” to why the equities will fall hard and there will be a correction. I was also of the opinion that a correction will happen and probably this was the last straw. But I was proven wrong.

After reacting strongly for a few days the market stabilised and has started its upward trend. Thankfully, I got out of HP at a very small loss. The opportunity cost for this position has been quite large in my opinion.

I added Bouygues, Tesco, E.On, Orange, MT, Santader, and Euro during the month. My net cash position went down a bit to around 52% of the portfolio. Which means that I put the HP money to good use (hopefully) and some.

Cash report June 2013

The sales/purchase figure is high because I purchased €5000 and it got added up in purchases and sales.

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