Think Twice by Michael J. Mauboussin

A much better book than More than you know — which I fell asleep reading. But this might be because the subject matter of Think Twice interests me more.

Whenever I read one of these book — books where our biases are laid bare for us to see — I riddle the reasons. Most of the time I get them right. But here there were two interesting ones which are a keeper.

The first one is what he calls “the outside view”. Crudely, this is when people don’t recognize that their situation — as much as they find different — is not unique. Many people before them have had to make similar decisions or predict the success or failure of their enterprise with similar kind and amount of data. It is imperative that one switches its view from “inside” to “outside” and recognize that something can be learned from thinking about the problem as if you are not participating in it.

The second is how playing accordion music boosts sales of Burgundy. This amazingly is because of what Kahneman calls “priming” in his excellent book “Thinking fast and slow”.

All in all, a very enjoyable book. Definitely one of those which are going into my to-buy list.


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