Monthly update: Jan 2014

A new year brings new promises. I will finish my PhD and start looking for a job. It will also mean that I will not have much time to research stocks or write pitches on SeekingAlpha.

Cash Report (Jan 2014)

Cash Report (Jan 2014)

I started new starter positions in Emeco Holdings (ASX:EHL), Sears Canada (TSX:SCC), Sears Holding (SHLD), Fairfax (TSX:FFH) and Sears Home Stores (SHOS). In a few words, Emeco is cheap, Sears stub is a bet on Eddie Lampert and the value of the real estate and Fairfax is the new addition to my “owner operator” businesses.

I continued to add Altius, and Lamprell.

The situation with Weight Watchers (WTW) is very interesting. On the one hand, there are significant problems with the business e.g., does their product work, are apps going to kill it and so on … on the other is their fantastic track record and a sane management. I sold the company again at $32.91 at a very small profit. Since then the stock has fallen further and I am fighting myself on starting a position.

Three of the puts I sold (two on ArcelorMittal and one on Intel) expired, earning me sfr 899. Additionally, I received sfr 242 in dividends. I paid sfr 22 in commissions and sfr 5.33 on interests. This adds up to sfr 1,113 in profits for the month.

StockMarketEye has topped itself and the new update has a nifty tool to look at your portfolio historically. I have hence decided to include the current snapshot of my portfolio.

Open Positions (Dec 31, 2013)

Open Positions (Dec 31, 2013)

Open Positions (Jan 31, 2014)

Open Positions (Jan 31, 2014)


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