Exchange Rates

I am going to Zagreb, Croatia this weekend.

I needed to exchange some money for it. When I bought the tickets SBB, the Swiss railways, gave me a coupon which waives their commission if one wants to exchange money. I used it today and ended up paying 447 sfr for 2600 hrk. If I use Google now, I find that it is worth only 412 sfr. All in all, a loss of 35 sfr !

Interestingly, there were several options open for me. It seems that the banks give better rates and I could have used my ATM card to take out money directly in Croatia. I could also have called the bank in advance and informed them about my need. They provide exchange for a reasonable spread of 2-4%. I would have lost around 17 sfr then … probably.

It is interesting that I started thinking about these options only when I was done making the exchange. I felt that SBB is the only option while I was on the counter.

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