Baidu (buy at $135, 6Jan2017@$176): is growing at ~ 25% and had 2015 normalized earning of $2.2B. It has a 2 class share structure 27M in class A (1 vote) and 7M in class B (10 votes). Furthermore, the ADS trading on the NSQ represents 1/10 of a class A shares. TL:DR; at $163/ADS the company has a market cap of 340M*$163=$55B. This is ~ 25x earning. I would be comfortable paying 20x earning.

Chipotle (buy at $300, 6Jan2017@$398): is growing at ~ 20% and had earning of $15.3/share. The management owns ~ 3% of the shares outstanding. The share count has gone down 10% over the last 10 years. Comfortable paying 20x earnings.


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